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Nadia's Tan Lines from abbywinters.com

Felica's Tan Lines from abbywinters.com

Tan Lines at abbywinters.com

Tan Lines are a popular niche at abbywinters.com, as many of the Australian based models spend a lot of time outdoors or at the beach, and tan lines develop naturally because of this.

Tan Line shoots or images can be found at abbywinters.com using the search feature, or the 'tan lines' tag. There are currently over 260 shoots which contain models with tan lines. There are even some Asian models with tanlines on the site (e.g. Kamila and Zasha). In contrast, there is currently only one model at abbywinters.com who has been tagged with 'fake tan' (Ashley), but there are likely to be others who have not been tagged as yet.

What are Tan Lines?

Tan Lines are a pattern produced on the skin when an area is covered up and not exposed to the sun. The exposed areas darken when the skin produces a brown-colored pigment called melanin - this process is known as tanning, and can occur from natural sun light or UV radiation from artificial light sources like sun beds.

When clothing is worn while tanning, the covered areas remain light in color than the tanned areas, and are known as tan lines.

Bess's Tan Lines from abbywinters.com

Angelika's Tan Lines from abbywinters.com

McKenzie's Tan Lines from abbywinters.com

Angelika's Tan Lines, image from abbywinters.com

The most common areas of the body to show tan lines are the breasts, the pubic area, the butt, and a bra line around the back. You sometimes also see tan lines around the eyes, when a tanner has been wearing sun glasses, or around the neck, upper arms and legs if the person has been wearing a t-shirt and shorts. You can sometimes also see tan lines on fingers, where a person has been wearing a ring out in the sun.

Tan lines can either be created by accident, or on purpose.


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