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Ren is a model from Most of her shoots on the site are when she was aged 19, in 2008. This means she was born in 1989. Her hair colour varies between red and black, and she enjoys costume play.

Ren is a self confessed 'nerd' and in her introductory forums post she says:

"I have to admit I'm a bit of a nerd. And by a bit of a nerd I mean quite a lot of a nerd! I love table top role playing games, my favorite one is pretty much anything by white wolf, all the world of darkness stuff. I play games when I have time, I'm not really into consoles as much as PCs. Everything is so much better in PCs and so much more moddable, I mod things way more than I play them! I love vintage cheddar cheese, anime, firefly (Kaylee is my idle!), forests and DnD" [1].

As well as appearing at, Ren also runs her own blog at, where she is known as Aeryn. Ren has also appeared at:



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