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Pierced Nipples at abbywinters.com

Pierced nipples have featured at abbywinters.com from the earliest days of the site. Nipple piercings have become more fashionable and accessible through the 1990's and 2000's, and abbywinters.com simply reflects their increased popularity amongst society as a whole. There is unlikely to have been any conscious effort to find and photograph models with pierced nipples. As girls are photographed in their natural surroundings, and in their own clothes, there is also no requirement for models to remove their nipple piercings for shoots.

Through the use of tags and search, it possible to locate models and images with pierced nipples on the site.

Some abbywinters.com models with nipple piercings are:

Merryn's pierced nipples from abbywinters.com

Patima's pierced nipples from abbywinters.com

Mary Jane's pierced nipples from abbywinters.com

Iveta's pierced nipples from abbywinters.com

Chrissy's pierced nipples from abbywinters.com

Mei Ling's asian pierced nipples from abbywinters.com

  • Addison
  • Alexsis
  • Alison J
  • Andi
  • Anessa
  • Chloe B
  • Chrissy
  • Courtney K
  • Jane
  • Shane
  • Elaine
  • Elana
  • Ettienne
  • Frida
  • Greta
  • Gabrielle
  • Hillery
  • Iveta
  • Jamie-Lee
  • Jenny
  • Josie
  • Kelsey
  • Larissa
  • Laura
  • Liana
  • Maryjane
  • Mei Ling
  • Merryn
  • Naomi E
  • Olivia M
  • Patima
  • Phoebie
  • Polly M
  • Sara
  • Shaminee
  • Shelly B
  • Tia
  • Toni B
  • Virginia

What is a 'pierced nipple'?

Iveta's barbell nipple piercing from abbywinters.com

Jamie Lee's nipple ring piercing from abbywinters.com

A pierced nipple is a form of body modification, which involves piercing the nipple, usually with a needle. The nipple is usually pierced at the base, horizontally. Vertical piercings of the nipple are also possible, as are multiple piercing in one nipple. Nipple piercings usually take between 2 and 4 months to heal, but can take up to two years.

Nipple rings are one of the most popular types of nipple piercing, but nipple barbells, and nipple studs are also possible.

The actual piercing process can be a little painful, but it is over very quick!

Reasons for Nipple Piercing

There are number of perceived benefits for nipple piercing. These include:

  • to enlarge the nipples
  • to increase nipple sensitivity
  • aesthetic reasons (e.g. to be more sexually attractive)
  • sexually arousing (provides a constant stimulation of the nipples)
  • possible treatment for inverted nipples
  • useful for BDSM practices

Pierced Nipples as a Fetish

A liking for pierced nipples is actually called Stigmatophilia. Stigmatophilia is classified in psychiatry as "a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend upon the partner being scarred, marked, tattooed, or pierced (especially in the genital or nipple region so bars, rings, etc. can be worn); the term also includes the person who must also be marked in the same manner." [1].

Although an official psychiatric condition, most people don't need treatment. In fact, along with things like psychoanalysis, hypnosis, and behavior therapy, one of the official treatments is to simply to accept the fetish and achieve gratification in an 'appropriate manner'!

An example of such an 'appropriate manner' is the use of niche 'pierced nipple' porn, such as that offered by abbywinters.com. Other methods of gratification would of course be getting a 'his and hers' nipple piercing!

History of Nipple Piercings

Shanes's decorative nipple piercings from abbywinters.com

Tia's decorative nipple piercings from abbywinters.com

Nipple piercing has been a popular practice throughout history. There has been some speculation that Roman Centurions had their nipples pierced, as their armour breast plates sometimes had rings attached to the nipple areas. The rings were used to hang a cape from, and the theory is that these breast plate rings were an echo of real nipple rings. However, the pain caused by hanging a cape from nipple rings make this a perhaps unlikely theory!

In the middle 14th century, women took to wearing very low necklines, which exposed half their breasts. Rouge, diamond rings, and caps were applied to the nipples as decoration. This led to actual nipple piercing, so that gold chains strung with diamonds could be worn on the nipples.

According to the magazine 'Society', in the 1890's, the 'bosom ring' was briefly fashionable. Sold in Paris, the 'Anneux De Sein' were inserted through the nipple, and could be worn with a chain linking both nipples. The rings enlarged the nipples and kept them in a state of constant excitation. The medical community was outraged by this practice however.

A London socialite, writing in "Vogue" (1890) wrote:

For a long time I could not understand why I should consent to such a painful operation without sufficient reason. I soon, however came to the conclusion that many ladies are ready to bear the passing pain for the sake of love. I found that the breasts of those who wore rings were incomparably rounder and fuller developed than those who did not. My doubts were now at an end...so I had my nipples pierced, and when the wounds were healed, I had rings inserted...with regard to the experience of wearing these rings, I can only say that they are not in the least uncomfortable or painful. On the contrary, the slight rubbing and slipping of the rings causes in me an extremely titillating feeling, and all my colleagues I have spoken to on this subject have confirmed my opinion.[2]

However, historians have concluded that these records of 1890's nipples piercings were almost certainly 'certainly erotic fantasies rather than descriptions of actual activity'[3].

Nipple piercing has also been performed by the Karankawa Indians of Texas, and the Kabyle people in Algeria.

In the 1990's and 2000's, many celebrities publicly displayed their nipple piercings, including Lenny Kravitz, Jaye Davidson (The Crying Game), Gerry Connelly (Comedian), Corey Taylor (Slipnot), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Axl Rose (Guns & Roses), Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Tre Cool (Green Day).

Pierced Nipples and Breastfeeding

Pierced Nipples image abbywinters.com

Pierced nipples do not generally cause any problems with breastfeeding. Some people actually think the piercing has increased their milk flow, and some mothers keep their piercings in while breast feeding. However, the jewellery can be a home for bacteria, and a choking hazard, so it is recommended to remove nipple jewellery before breastfeeding. It is possible that the hole will close up if the nipple jewelery is removed for a length of time. Having multiple re-piercings can cause nipple damage.

Nipple piercings are generally not performed on pregnant women, as the nipple should be fully healed before breastfeeding.


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