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Mutual Masturbation at

Anabela and Maria from rub each others pussies

Blaire and Sylvanna from indulge in a spot of mutual masturbation

Annabelle Lee and Jette from masturbating each other

Girl/girl mutual masturbation is featured heavily at In nearly every Tier 3 (hardcore) girl/girl shoot, mutual masturbation is captured either in images or video, and often both.

A few sets which feature mutual masturbation are:

  • Anabela and Maria
  • Anneke and Larissa M
  • Blaire and Sylvanna
  • Vanessa Y and Christiana

As well as numerous others.

What is mutual masturbation?

Vanessa Y and Christian from masturbate each other in a standing position

Anneke and Laressa from mutually masturbating to orgasm

Mutual masturbation is a form of non-penetrative sex, and is the act of two or more people sexually stimulating each other at the same time. For example, in a girl/girl encounter, each girl would rub the other girl's pussy an/or clitoris. In a girl/boy encounter, the girl would masturbate the guy's penis, and the guy would rub the girl's clitoris. Mutual masturbation is usually done with the hands, but technically could be performed with any body part (like a toe!)

Various positions can be used for mutual masturbation, as the only requirement is that all parties can reach the others genitals. Mutual masturbation can easily be performed face to face (either standing up, sitting, or lying down), in a 69 position, or lying down with one or both participants on their backs or sides.

Mutual Masturbation through clothing, image from

Mutual masturbation can also mean two or more people masturbating themselves in the same room.

Mutual masturbation is often used in foreplay, or as an alternative to penetrative sex. It is a highly safe sex act, so limits the risk of catching an STD or getting pregnant.


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