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About is an unofficial fan wiki for We're not owned or operated by, we're just big fans of them! Our aim is to document the history (social, technical, and otherwise) of We believe this is a world first - at the time of launch, we know of no other fan wiki dedicated to a specific adult website!

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Featured Model

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Sue-Ann is an model, production assistant, and affiliate administrator. Her profile gives her age as 21, however it is unknown if this was the age she first appeared on the site or her current age. She is 178cm tall, blonde, with blue eyes, fair skin.

In her forum posts[1], she states she went to boarding school, but became a day girl after only one semester, as she hated it. However, she credits her school with teaching her "a touch of good manners, a pinch of tact and a tablespoon of values". She later studied fine arts, but only to "balance the six math and science classes". She also divulges that after she broke up with her high school sweetheart of three years, she threw herself into work and study. After this phase she "opened up" more and applied to to be a model. She also has qualifications as a grade three flight instructor. ...Read more about Sue-Ann... is an adult website, specializing in solo and lesbian porn content featuring 'happy and healthy' young women aged 18 to 25. It is known for it's emphasis on 'natural' models - with no makeup, hairy bush, and natural boobs. Most models are from Australia, where the content is shot. has won awards for its the 'unscripted and passionate' girl/girl lesbian videos it produces, and also produces female masturbation videos known as Intimate Moments. The site is consistently rated as one of the best by numerous adult review websites. also has an active forum community, and many models and members regularly communicate with each other, and discuss everything from sex to politics to movies.

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Featured Niche

Pierced Nipples
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Pierced nipples have featured at from the earliest days of the site. Nipple piercings have become more fashionable and accessible through the 1990's and 2000's, and simply reflects their increased popularity amongst society as a whole. There is unlikely to have been any conscious effort to find and photograph models with pierced nipples. As girls are photographed in their natural surroundings, and in their own clothes, there is also no requirement for models to remove their nipple piercings for shoots. ...Read more about Pierced Nipples...

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