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What is the Intimate Moments Section?

The Intimate Moments section is dedicated to videos of young women masturbating, almost always to orgasm. Unlike a lot of other porn, the orgasms are very real, and the scenes are totally unscripted. This no director on the shoot - the girls simply film themselves as they masturbate.

The Intimate Moments videos feature both girls by themselves, but also two or more girls masturbating side by side.

At Intimate Moments content is signified by the color green. For example, search results and new updates are signified as Intimate Moments content by using a curved light green box, like this example:

Example of Girl Girl GReen Color

Intimate Moments videos updates are as follows:

  • 3 one-girl Masturbation videos per week
  • 2 two-girl Masturbation videos per week

Cost: $25/month

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