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immie from

Immie is a 23 year old model for She has light brown hair, blue eyes, and is 182cm tall. She has a distinctive birthmark/freckle on her right breast.

Although from Australia, she spent parts of her childhood "monkeying around Europe. Think Austria, the UK, Corsica", and explains that this is why her accent varies between a broad Australian accent, and a "more pretentious European" accent. [1]

Immie first appear at on June 12 2008, and has appeared in a number of shoots through 2008 and 2009, including five Intimate Moments shoots (solo and duo), and in the 'Wrestling Girls' shoot. Immie said of the wrestling Girls shoot:

"The wrestling girls shoot is probably the one I feel most accomplished with, but it was also the hardest (and I can't believe I missed out on the all-in girl brawl! Aaargh!)"

In the forums, Immie expressed her disgust at the "conservative media" and their treatment of porn:

"It really irritates me how they act like a photo of a vagina, possibly with fingers inserted, will cause the world to collapse. Bloody hell! It's also rather insulting to young women, as if we are unable to make our own decisions, and evaluate our own risks. Sheesh. I remember on my first interview, I was actually asked whether I had considered what would happen, in the possible event that I would be outted. I had considered the possibility, and chose to proceed anyway."

Immie from

Immie from

Immie and her distinctive birthmark, from

Immie decribes her partner as "Mr Immie". Immie says:

"And Mr Immie won my heart basically by being who he is. Sorry I can't give you a formula on how to win Immie's heart. It probably made a difference that Mr Immie and I were casual for almost a year before finally admitting that, oopsie, we love each other. Plus, I just happen to like the way he smells. Heady pheromonal rush and all that."

Immie continues to post in the forums, and often gives updates on her travels to the USA (with "Mr Immie").



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