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What is the Girl-Girl Section?

Hula Hoop Girls from

The girl-girl section is dedicated to two or more girls posing together, both in images and in video. Most shoots feature two girls, but many feature multiple girls. The girl-girl shoots come in a variety of Tiers and these 'Tiers' indicate their level of explicitness, from general softcore nudity, through to finger penetration and oral sex.

At solo girl content is signified by the color pink. For example, search results and new updates are signified as girl girl content by using a curved light pink box, like this example:

Example of Girl Girl Pink Color

Two Girl Shoots

There are around 100 shoots featuring two girls together, often in explicit sex action. While some of the girls are lesbians, many describe themselves as bisexual, bi-curious, or even straight. Some participate in girl-girl sex outside of the site, and others have only experienced lesbian sex while posing for Many of the girl-girl videos at are documenting the girls very first girl-girl experience.

The style means that all girl-girl sex is unscripted, spontaneous, and very real. Talking, laughter, real kissing, fingering, tribbing, licking, sucking and fucking to orgasm are all evident in the girl-girl videos and photo sets.

Multiple Girl Shoots

Most multiple girls shoots are softcore 'Tier 1' only, and often feature a large number of models doing something fun, and gradually getting naked throughout the shoot. These Tier 1 multiple girl 'fun' shoots are also available in the 'solo' section.

Some of the multiple girls shoots currently at are:

  • Video Game Girls - Five girls "playing very active video games so that means boobies jiggling and bottoms bouncing as they swing, bowl, swipe and swish their way through strip baseball".
  • Hula Hooping Girls - Six girls (Charlotte, Aisling, Tamra, Roxy, Caitlin and Giselle) having a Hula Hoop lesson.
  • Window Washing Girls - Five Aussie babes (Christen, Harper, Courtney, Leisl, and Joannie) have a window washing-bubble fight.
  • Tyre Tube Girls - Eight girls (Kiki, Shee-ra, Silvie, Caitlin, Joanna, Julia, Tinneale and Delia_ splash around a public swimming hole. Features up skirts and down blouses, and nude swimming.
  • Step Aerobics Girls - Nineteen models in a step aerobics workout. Starts in gym clothes, ends up naked.
  • Hiking Girls - Four girls go nude hiking in the Australian outback
  • Raft Building Girls - Six girls work together to build a raft.
  • Pillow Fight Girls - Three girls have a sleepover and a fun pillow fight
  • Yoga Girls - Sixteen models in a nude yoga session.
  • Pool Girls - Twelve girls frolics around a swimming pool
  • Screenprinting Girls - Seven gorgeous chicks do some screenprinting, mostly of each other.
  • Waterfall Girls - Six girls pose in a stunning location with a waterfall

There are also some 'three girl' hardcore shoots on the site, like those featuring 'Tia, Charlie & Rhiannon', and 'Chloe B, Kiki & Larissa M'.


The girl-girl section is updated as follows:

  • 1 new Girl-Girl video per week
  • 1 new Girl-Girl imageset per week
  • Fun, Make-out, and Hardcore content per week


$30 per month

Girl/girl content from

Girl/girl content from

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