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As a core feature of the aesthetic is to shoot models wearing their own clothes, the niche of 'cute panties' has evolved organically from that creative decision.

Young Australian women typically do not walk around in lacy underwear, corsets, stockings, or suspenders during their daily business. Instead, many of the young models choose to wear fun panties which express their personality, and which they can wear comfortably day to day.

As shoots feature the model gradually undressing, most shoots feature images and videos showing the models wearing whatever panties the model has chosen to wear that day.

The upcoming After Dark sections will allows models to choose other garments however, like lingerie and corsets.

Darya wearing cute panties from

What are Cute Panties?

Panties are female underwear, worn to cover the pussy and butt. Panties are also known as knickers (UK), pants (Uk), or undies (in Australia and New Zealand). The term 'panties' is mostly used in the USA and Canada, however is well known in other parts of the English speaking world. Panties always refers to the female undergarment, whereas 'undies' or 'pants' can refer to male underwear as well.

Panties are usually made of light material, with an elastic band around the waist. Different types of panties include:

Classic and High cut briefs

Classic briefs are worn quite high, either to the waist, or above, close to the tummy button. They are sometimes known as 'granny panties', and are often white, brown or grey in color.


On hipster panties the elastic bad is worn lower, around the hips instead of the waist.


Bikini panties are also worn around the hips, but with a thinner strip of material around the sides of the panty. Sometimes bikini panties have a string around the sides, with material covering the pussy and butt only.

Pia wearing cute panties from

Cici wearing hipster style cute panties from

Darcy wearing string bikini cute panties from

Thong or G-String

A G-String has the smallest amount of material of any panties. A small triangle covers the pussy and pubic area, but the sides and rear are often just a thin piece of elastic.


Boyshort panties are similar to hipsters, except that the waist worn even lower, and the leg openings are not as pronounced, and are almost mini-shorts.

Nataloa wearing bikini style cute panties from

Fae wearing boyshorts cute panties from

Cute Panties

The term 'cute panties' applies to any form of panty which is 'cute'. In this case 'cute' is similar to the Japanese concept of kawaii, or loveable and adorable.

Usually, the defining feature of a 'cute panty' is that it is bright, colorful, possibly patterned, and possibly with fun artwork or words on it. Cute panties can be any of the above styles, but are typically of hipster, bikini, thong, or boyshorts style.

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