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This article assumes Abby Winters is real. See Is Abby Winters a Real Person?

Abby Winters is the creator of the website. According to the 'About' pages, she was born in 1975, and prior to starting she worked in the Melbourne theatre industry.

The remaining content on this page is embedded from History of article. If you wish to change the content below you must change it at the History of article. went live in October 2000. [1] In the years preceding the launch, Abby Winters, who described herself as a "26 year old Australian dyke"[2], had been collecting "rudie nudie" pics from around the web. She became frustrated at the quality, and the boring poses most models were asked to perform, not to mention the "small images, awful quality video, misleading websites, poor design".[3] In this Eroszine interview, Abby says:

"As a consumer, I was disappointed by the quality of erotica out there. I always had a thing for amateur models—real girls are accessible and much more appealing—but was disappointed how sites always tried to make amateur models LOOK and ACT like porn stars. They totally missed the appeal of an amateur model in the first place!"[4]

Abby bought herself a "cheapie digital camera" and hired some women to pose in a "dodgy hotel room", paying them a "pittance". Her original plan was to photograph the models in the way she wanted to see, and then sell the sets as content for adult websites. [4]

In October 2000, Abby Winters set up a page advertising her new style of content. The page was very plain, and simply explained what content she had for sale, and how to contact her. Abby wrote:

"Hello. I am a photographer of nude girls! Sounds like a dream job, but like all jobs, it has it's boring parts. Trust me. ... On my site here you'll be able to find several samples of each gal, as well as contact sheets. This site is for commercial web site site operators only, looking to buy series for use on their web sites. Individual collectors will not find much of use here, but are welcome to browse, of course."[5]

According to the About pages, Abby chose to retire from the site in May 2002, and hand over the reigns to Garion Hall. Hall become the official CEO, owner and operator of the website, and Abby retained creative input.

However, once Abby left, she had very little to do with day to day running of the site. Even after the business moved to new offices in Fitzroy, Abby never popped in to see the new premises.

Abby did continue posting on the Forums throughout the 2000's however, right up until her last post on March 1st 2008. Her last few posts, appearing within minutes of each other, weren't a farewell of any sorts. Instead they were fairly mundane comments about how out of date the 'About Us' page was at the time, and some responses to members about how much of the "business logic" was open for discussion.

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